About Lili Lopez

About Lili Lopez

Dr. Ron Oberstein, D.C. | Life Chiropractic Center San Diego CA

Lili Lopez is our Director of Community Health and came to LCC from her previous employer, a chiropractic office in Seattle, Washington.

Lili grew up in greater Seattle, Washington area. After relocating to Sunny San Diego, she joined the team at LCC to bring her expertise in the health and wellness world. Lili has worked in Chiropractic since she was 15, and continues her dream of helping people achieve their optimal health through chiropractic.

Lili is also our Director of Community Outreach and is responsible for developing and enhancing Life Chiropractic Center’s relationships in the community. She is committed to helping the community discover more ways of achieving health and well-being. Part of that commitment is offering the following services to groups or organizations:

  • Informational classes on topics, such as: Reducing Stress, Exercise, Kids Health and Healthy Aging
  • Complimentary Health Screenings
  • Complimentary monthly “Slice of Life" newsletters
  • Corporate Wellness Programs

When Lili isn’t in the office creating healthy work environments throughout San Diego, you can find her spending time with son Jamin and her significant other, Kelvin. She likes to read, listen to music, cook healthy foods, travel, and spend time with her family.

If you’re interested in learning more about Life Chiropractic Center or scheduling a class for your group or organization, feel free to contact Lily at (619) 275-4364 or email her at sdwellnesschamps@gmail.com.