About Dr. Mary Oberstein, D.C.

About Dr. Mary Oberstein, D.C.

Dr. Mary Oberstein, D.C. | Life Chiropractic Center San Diego CA

Dr. Mary Oberstein graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1986. Her path to becoming a Chiropractor started during her years of playing collegiate volleyball at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, where she then visited Life Chiropractic College for the first time. After hearing what Chiropractic had to offer humanity, she knew immediately that becoming a Chiropractor was her destiny. Shortly after graduating in 1986, Dr. Mary headed to San Diego and helped build Life Chiropractic Center

Along with private practice, raising 3 daughters and running a household, Dr. Mary is also active in the chiropractic profession. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the League of Chiropractic Women, and holds the position of Treasurer for the organization. She also co-founded Hands For Life, which serves less-fortunate children and adults in Tijuana, Mexico. Being in Family Practice, Dr. Mary provides care for infants and pregnant mothers. Her understanding of and working with pregnant women have made Dr. Mary a valuable resource. Her knowledge and proficiency in the Webster Technique has helped numerous pregnant mothers. The technique is used to help restore balance in the pelvis and help the baby move into the optimal fetal position. Dr. Mary has witnessed hundreds of breech babies turn head down after utilizing this technique. Dr. Mary constantly consults with other Chiropractors and health care professionals when it comes their own pregnancy and children, maybe that’s why they call her the “Doctors’ Doctor".

When asked about her greatest accomplishments, Dr. Mary laughed and replied, “My three daughters, for sure. To see them raised in a natural lifestyle, without drugs or surgery, and to be the compassionate and loving ladies they are today, is by far my greatest accomplishment."

Follow Dr. Mary’s Raising Healthy Kids blog to help you find interesting ideas for encouraging family health. She takes us through her journey of being a Chiropractor, wife, and mother of three daughters, while also sharing information about raising healthy children, childhood issues and parenting.