About Dr. Joe Zingone

About Joe Zingone

Joe Zingone | Life Chiropractic Center San Diego CA

Dr. Joe Zingone, also known as "Dr. JZ" and “The Ambassador of Awesomeness" is just that ... awesome! After suffering from frequent ear infections at the age of two, Dr. Joe's parents brought him to their chiropractor and his life was changed. His family learned how chiropractic care enables the body to generate health from within and his family utilized regular chiropractic care to maintain their health. Dr. Joe witnessed just how powerful chiropractic was and knew he wanted to provide that gift to his community and the world, as well as his sister Dr. Jen, who also is a chiropractor.

Dr. Joe also noticed how chiropractic care boosted performance and recovery while playing collegiate lacrosse at Kean University in New Jersey where Dr. Joe received degrees in Biology and Physical Education while completing requirements for chiropractic college. He went to Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA and graduated with clinical and academic honors. He has traveled to El Salvador, Mexico City and Tijuana with several non-for profit organizations to deliver free chiropractic care to communities without access to health care and also had the privilege of mentoring and training chiropractic students on delivering the most skillful and patient-centered care possible.

Dr. Joe believes with all of his heart that Life Chiropractic Center is exactly where he is meant to be, and is excited to serve the wonderful practice members who come to the office day in and day out. When you first meet him, you will know why he is called “The Ambassador or Awesomeness!”